Horseford Mill (a.k.a. Boyd's Mill)
Near intersection of Highway 903 and Fawn Lane, Bracey, VA 23919

Private property; demolished (actually underwater)

Building demolished circa 1960s; site, now underwater, was generally near the current Buckhead Subdivision boat ramp (private).

The Horseford Mill (later referred to as Boyd's Mill) stood at the north bank of the Roanoke River, at the "horse ford." The four-story wooden mill, and the land, belonged to Armstead Goode Boyd, who also ran a nearby country store. The mill gave local citizens on the homefront the security of a known and nearby place to continue to get flour ground.

In May 1863 an alarm was raised in Virginia for Confederate military guards to be on the lookout for a group of deserters from some North Carolina regiments; they were believed to be headed to cross the James River at Lumberton and the Roanoke at "Horse Ford Mill." General Robert E. Lee had directed that "if practicable the points indicated be watched and guarded."

The mill and store were torn down for the construction of Lake Gaston.

Contributor: Susan Bracey Sheppard, author of Life by the Roaring Roanoke

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