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Private home, not open to the public.

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While the original structure built by the Thomas family dates back to the late eighteenth century, Rosemont was purchased by Dr. Latinus Irving Rose in 1858. A physician, Dr. Rose remained on the homefront during the war to care for those in the area, including enslaved individuals and "free negroes". Dr. Rose also traveled to Richmond to the Camp of Instruction to care for Company B, 56th Regiment (also known as The Mecklenburg Spartans) as they awaited their deployment and suffered from conditions like measles. He received $108.85 from the Regiment in November 1861 for his services, according to his Medical & Account Journal, 1858-1870.

One memorable patient and "guest" in the family home was a Union soldier--unusual in Mecklenburg County as it saw little fighting during the war years. Possibly the soldier was one of "Sheridan's Raiders" -- Union cavalry regiments headed from Petersburg to Danville in late April 1865. Or the soldier may have been part of General William T. Sherman's army that was returning north at the end of the war. The 15th and 17th Corps were to cross the Roanoke River on pontoon bridges at Robinson's Ferry a short distance east of Joyceville, while the 14th and 20th Corps crossed further west at Taylor's Ferry near Boydton. For whatever reason, during a visit to the neighboring Tom Hendrick home (now the location of the Tanglewood Clubhouse), Dr. Rose encountered Union soldiers who took his horse, medical bag and gold watch. Realizing he was a physician, the Union officer in charge brought one of his men who had been taken ill to the doctor. The soldier was nursed back to health in an upstairs bedroom of the house and, once recovered, aided in his return by Dr. Rose. Meanwhile on orders of the Union officer the property was returned. The family still refers to the bedroom as the "Yankee room."

The private home is still owned by his descendants. Rosemont Winery, adjacent to the home, is open to the public and is operated by Rose descendants as well.

Contributor: Susan Bracey Sheppard, author of Life by the Roaring Roanoke

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